Sunny Lonny

Big Ben in the Distance

We got into London around 20:10 with all luggage and necessary appendages in tact. Always a plus. In all honesty, we did not do much of London.

The best way to get a feel for a city is to set out into it, so we did. With the address of our hostel, moosebag, and no map in tow we set off to see London by foot.

We’ve had a great deal of remarks made to us about how much we walk in cities – and we complain about how much we walk, but you miss so much when using public transit, especially when it is underground. (Don’t get me wrong, I think public transit is great and sometimes certain areas are supposed to be missed…)

War Memorial (hard to see, but all the illustrations are peoples names in various shades)

It was a beautiful day in the city (followed by a mighty heap of rain the next…). We strolled through Kensington Park along the Princess Di Memorial Walk and saw Peter Pan (but somehow managed to miss the memorial fountain), went through Hyde Park, saw ol’ Lizzies place (Buckingham), the London Eye, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, and a tribute to some distant relatives.

Memorial to Lord Buxton, who helped abolish slavery in the UK

London has a wealth of things to do for every budget; I won’t go into details of these as we saw a mere fragment, and there will be a few weekends we travel to the big city to delve a little deeper into London’s offerings (there is apparently a good Gauguin exhibit at the Tate Modern I look forward to!) Instead I will offer a few pictures and a few observations I made while there – Enjoy!

1. The tube smells like pizza, but good European pizza.

2. People seem to rather enjoy standing; if when you get onto the tube you have to stand, you do so for the duration of your journey, even if a seat comes free.

3. Everyone eats those pre-packaged sandwiches that are doused in mayo. Fortunately this means there is such a high turnover that they don’t turn disgusting.

London Eye

4. If you ignore the prominence of instant coffee –  Paris and London are quite similar. The people, fashions, streets, parks, and districts are almost interchangeable – Paris just makes an effort to be undeniably French.

5. They post sex ads all over phone booths, but the basic rate in a phone booth wouldn’t even get you through to knowing what Cindy was wearing.

The journey continues onto Bristol…


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