Christmas is Coming the Goose is Getting Fat!

Would just like to wish you all a Happy Christmas!

Just a small little Christmas here, mixing together family traditions with

My Christmas Tree!

British traditions and some Ukrainian food delights. There isn’t much snow, but enough to at least not feel like Christmas is in September.

Found a small Christmas tree to decorate (there was one left here, but it was actually worse then a Charlie Brown tree) and I am excited because it is the first REAL tree I have ever had! The charity shops had cheap ornaments to decorate with, and I even found a few decorations that I have at home!

So with a few ornaments, two strings of lights, a couple hours making snowflakes, and several making stockings – its beginning to look like

Too Many Snowflakes

Christmas. We went to see Carols in the Park on Monday; hundreds of people with torches singing, mulled wine, and mine pies – it was very festive.

I have already tackled the perogies, but tonight, we try cabbage rolls – hopefully they turn out! In true British form, we are also having mulled wine (homemade), black velvet cocktails, duck fat potatoes (I’m worried), brussel sprouts with bacon, and sticky toffee pudding!


Breaking from tradition is hard to do, especially at Christmas time. Missing our friends, families, and all the comforts of home; with a bit of extra effort, we’ll have a very Merry Christmas.

Happy Christmas to you all!


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