Remember in Bambi when he is just a young buck, hanging out with Thumper and Flower (who came across as gender-confused to me, even as a 5 year old) and the owl warns them that twidderpation will all happen to them?

Well it has happened – I have fallen in love with spring, when spring is supposed to happen.

I spent most of February and March working, so little to report in the extra-curricular activity side of things. But everything else in Bristol has sprung to life. Remember when I said that we were getting flowers in February? Those have all come and gone, flower beds look like Easter threw up (tulips as big as my hand), the lambs have been lambed, the piglets are pigging, the monstrous bumblebees are spreading their love, the clocks turned back – it is light out until 8:30?, and I got a sun burn today.

It is almost British asparagus season, too.


All this springing happening, the travel itch was a must and I went back to London. It was marvelous to get out of Bristol (had I had my passport on my body, I may have flee-d for mainland Europe) and I was able to get done some of the “touristy” bits of London.
We went to the Tower, saw the ravens (huge, but comparable to the beastly seagulls of Bristol) and the crown jewels (incredibly British queuing system in place, complete with conveyor belt past the crowns).

Afterward, we met up with Mike and Lauren, two fellow Saskatoonians and went over to the Tate Modern – both excellent and bizarre exhibits (one involving an artist doing the unspeakable under a floor panel as people walked overhead), followed by a BBQ at an Aussies, where we were joined by a fellow from Moose Jaw. Quite the Saskatchewan ambush!

The next day, we headed over to Camden market for some browsing, people watching, and so Mike could have a pork sandwich, followed by the Hummingbird bakery so I could get a brownie, with cheesecake AND raspberry whipped cream.
James and I spent the rest of the day wandering, entering into places as we saw fit. It was a nice day and the crazies were out in Trafalgar Square protesting, we hung around trying to figure out what it was they were protesting, unsure we gave up and went into the National Gallery.  We also finally found the Princess Di Memorial Fountain and Kensington Palace – two large structures we could not find last time.

In other news, my sister comes in near 2 weeks time! And we’ve purchased our tickets to Portugal and Spain for the summer. From Edinburgh (who buys a ticket departing from a city they’ve never been to?). So it is looking like I will be heading up to live in the land of the Lochs for a few months come fall! Visitors welcome.

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