Back by Popular Demand?

After a solid three-year break (evidently, I wasn’t doing anything cool during that time), this blog has been revived by request. While most of the inquiries I received were curiosities about the potentially wacky malaria dreams, some also expressed interest in other happenings.

A quick summary of the summer:
I am living and working in the town of Mlandizi, located in east Tanzania. As a team of seven, we will be partnering with local community-based organizations and health districts on a variety of health promotion projects. Topics include maternal health, HIV education, food security and nutrition, water sanitation, ambulatory care, and malaria prevention.

I would like to send out oodles of thanks to those lovely people who donated and came out to support our fundraising efforts this past year. Your contributions have made these projects possible and I hope that I will be able to shed some light on our work as the summer progresses!

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